Definition of call someone up in English:

call someone up

phrasal verb

  • 1North American informal Phone someone.

    ‘I have a list of people to call up in the morning’
    • ‘I called up Customer Care again and they promised me a free replacement by tomorrow evening.’
    • ‘He stalks her, following her to the church where she does volunteer work, and even calls her up anonymously on the telephone.’
    • ‘He may have even called up Katy to help console him, but that doesn't mean they hooked up.’
    • ‘When I can't get my email, I call them up on the phone and they explain exactly what's wrong and when they expect it to be fixed.’
    • ‘I called Liv up on the phone, and we agreed to meet down by the lake.’
    • ‘When you call up Customer Care, you just get pathetic responses which won't take you anywhere.’
    • ‘A pollster selects a random sample of voters, calls them up on the telephone, and asks who the respondent would vote for if the election were being held today.’
    • ‘Sensing the rarity of the animal, Meshram closed the door and immediately called up fire brigade personnel.’
    • ‘The phone hasn't stopped ringing with people calling me up to say how wonderful it looks.’
    • ‘I'd found her number in the phone book and called her up on the chance that she'd meet me.’
    phone, telephone, get on the phone to, get someone on the phone, dial, make a call to, place a call to, get, reach
    phone, telephone, call, get on the phone to, get someone on the phone, dial, make a call to, place a call to, get, reach
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  • 2Summon someone to serve in the army.

    ‘they have called up more than 20,000 reservists’
    • ‘When World War 1 broke out he was called up for the army.’
    • ‘While fishing, Fred asks the bartender if he will go to war when they call up the old men.’
    • ‘His 19-year-old brother Aidan is also in the army and is currently waiting to see if he is called up to serve in the Gulf.’
    • ‘He was called up for the Army in 1939 and served in France during the war, and later in the Middle East.’
    • ‘Then the government started conscription and I was called up.’
    • ‘Only a year later Doug was called up to serve in the Royal Marines, while Betty went on to serve in the Army.’
    • ‘Chuck receives a letter calling him up to the army and refuses to serve.’
    • ‘She was a member of the Territorial Army when she was called up to serve in the last conflict.’
    • ‘Before becoming a teacher he was called up to do National Service and served in Germany.’
    • ‘What if there were a reinstatement of the draft and you were called up?’
    enlist, recruit, sign up
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    1. 2.1 Select someone to play in a team, especially at a higher level of competition.
      ‘he was called up for the international against Turkey’
      • ‘‘We called him up as the 17th player,’ the team manager said.’
      • ‘Romario knows that if Brazil do not find a consistent goalscorer soon, then the pressure to call him up will mount.’
      • ‘After a stint in Hartford, he is called up to the big team.’
      • ‘Ainsworth is the best of the three, and if he mows down Pacific Coast League hitters, the team will be tempted to call him up.’
      • ‘Though she lost her debut matches, the tennis player hopes she will be called up to play for the senior team in the future.’
      • ‘If he doesn't make the Olympic team, there's a good chance the Cubs will call him up in September.’
      • ‘He was called up and scored a century on his debut.’
      • ‘In all honesty I hope the FO doesn't call up Bryant or Baez next season.’
      • ‘The worst-case scenario with Crosby is that the organization calls him up anyway, and the Tigers lose lots of games.’
      • ‘My point is, the Rays aren't afraid to call up their young guys.’
      select, pick, choose
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