Definition of call someone names in English:

call someone names


  • Insult someone verbally.

    ‘a lot of people called him names and I was one of them’
    • ‘Bullying can be mental like completely ignoring and excluding someone and can also be verbal like calling someone names.’
    • ‘You ignored me, you called me names, you gave me the cold shoulder, remember?’
    • ‘She called me names, insulted me in front of my face, talked about me constantly, got her new friends to do the same as well.’
    • ‘Yet I don't care what names I call him cause I don't feel any remorse in calling him names or insulting him.’
    • ‘A school bully might push you out of your seat, kick you when your back is turned, demand lunch money, threaten or insult you, call you names, or make jokes about you.’
    • ‘Some people might make fun of them, or call them names, or even hurt them.’
    • ‘It's ok to call them names and insult every one of them.’
    • ‘The way he would tease her, call her names and insult the fact that she was Indian.’
    • ‘It hurts every time I am called names and insulted by virtual strangers.’
    • ‘I use the analogy that if you come to stay in another's house, you do not turn round and abuse their hospitality and call them names.’
    offend, cause offence to, give offence to, affront, abuse, be rude to, call someone names, slight, disparage, discredit, libel, slander, malign, defame, denigrate, cast aspersions on, impugn, slur, revile, calumniate
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