Definition of call someone/something to mind in English:

call someone/something to mind


  • 1Cause one to think of someone or something, especially through similarity.

    ‘the still lifes call to mind certain of Cézanne's works’
    • ‘Her work conjures up such a non-factual set of moments that altered states, or dream states are called to mind.’
    • ‘It's not about these people, but there are things in it that call them to mind.’
    • ‘But some of the weird writing calls that composer to mind, especially in the more reflective moments of the second movement.’
    • ‘At other points his guitar work briefly calls organs to mind.’
    evoke, put one in mind of, recall, bring to mind, call up, summon up, conjure up
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    1. 1.1with negative Remember someone or something.
      with clause ‘I cannot call to mind where I have seen you’
      • ‘If you think about somebody you know who's very generous, even if they haven't given to you directly, what does it feel like if you call this person to mind?’
      • ‘Draco looked pensive as his previous behaviour was called to mind.’
      • ‘There's doubtless an equally irritating homily about spring-cleaning in the garden, too, but fortunately I can't call it to mind.’
      • ‘As we call our lifetime to mind we recognize no unbroken sequence of events, but rather episodes that chart our memory with the markers of ‘before’ and ‘after.’’
      • ‘There's another old adage there, too, but I can't call it to mind just now.’
      • ‘She did not know how long she had been fighting, nor did she wish to call it to mind.’
      • ‘All of us have done things in our lives we'd rather not have done, things that flood us with remorse or pain or embarrassment whenever we call them to mind.’
      • ‘Modest, common country garden perennial flowers, both of them, and I'm ashamed to say I simply cannot call their names to mind.’
      • ‘As Sigmund Freud suggested long ago, memories are themselves recast every time they are called to mind.’
      • ‘‘Honourable Sirs, I have early this morning witnessed a crime of revolting sort’ he paused trying to call the rest to mind.’
      remember, recall, recollect, think
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