Definition of call someone/something off in English:

call someone/something off

phrasal verb

  • Order a person or dog to stop attacking someone.

    ‘Gunda pleaded with him to call the dog off’
    • ‘The dogs wanted to follow, but Maria called them off.’
    • ‘The government called off helicopters sent to attack the rebel militia, averting a threatened rebel offensive.’
    • ‘‘Call your dog off,’ Lucy said calmly.’
    • ‘He stood and watched while the dogs attacked and made no attempt to call them off.’
    • ‘Its owners were watching my dog attack their horse, while I was trying to call her off.’
    • ‘He called off the attackers.’
    • ‘The hounds were called off, regrouped and the oldest hunt in England set off on a new trail.’
    • ‘The Italian attack was called off, and it was time to move against France, so I resumed control of my unit and ordered it to Burgundy.’
    • ‘She grabbed my throat, but before she could act further, the woman behind her called her off with a harsh, ‘Stop!’’