Definition of call on in English:

call on

phrasal verb

  • 1Pay a visit to (someone)

    ‘he's planning to call on Katherine today’
    • ‘He called on me during his last visit to Accra and we discussed varied issues relating to Africa.’
    • ‘Half a dozen or so guests are coming to call on me and maybe extend it to a visit in a few day's time.’
    • ‘Thereafter I made it a point to call on him on all my visits to Delhi.’
    • ‘John calls on Mrs. Jennings, and after his visit, he goes on a walk with Elinor.’
    • ‘She also called on her legislator during her brief visit to capital.’
    • ‘He then calls on Eustacia, asking her to marry him.’
    • ‘He visited a Kyoto temple, called on a professor from his alma mater in Kyoto and paid tribute to a Japanese author.’
    • ‘Anyone visiting a friend or acquaintance is expected to call on everyone they know in the same neighborhood.’
    • ‘The policewoman assigned to the case promised to call on them late Sunday afternoon.’
    • ‘We were living in Switzerland, and Toni would call on us whenever he visited the country.’
    visit, pay a visit to, pay a call on, go and see, look in on
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  • 2also call uponHave recourse to.

    ‘we are able to call on academic staff with a wide variety of expertise’
    • ‘Under the proposals, a senior nurse would then be able to call on more staff at short notice than is possible at present.’
    • ‘He'll be calling on those hard-earned inner resources often in this sport.’
    • ‘The largest part of the market remains untapped since most companies prefer to handle their own security issues, rather than calling on external forces.’
    • ‘Now her dad is calling on her musical talents to keep his customers in good spirits on December 11.’
    • ‘A great many collectors from the upper aristocracy or rich middle classes called on her skill.’
    • ‘Schools that need a helping hand will be able to call on volunteers to help in their activities.’
    • ‘United called on all their reserves of energy and battled back to equalise just before full time.’
    • ‘It was all very new to us all and called on all our skills.’
    • ‘But Kelvin will be able to call on some family history to help him play the role.’
    • ‘He will be able to call on the multinational forces, if he deems it necessary to have them deal with a problem.’
    have recourse to, avail oneself of, turn to, draw on, look to, make use of, use, utilize, bring into play
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    1. 2.1with infinitive Demand that (someone) do something.
      ‘he called on the government to hold a vote’
      • ‘Now residents are calling on local representatives to demand that ramps should be installed on the road.’
      • ‘It does not advocate cash hand-outs to farmers, but instead calls on the Government to adopt a more understanding approach to agriculture.’
      • ‘Bosses are calling on their staff to get fit and healthy.’
      • ‘Tenants have called on their neighbours and staff to write to their local MP voicing their concerns.’
      • ‘PC Hopson, who is spearheading the scheme to educate drinkers in the city, called on them to take sensible precautions.’
      • ‘I call on you to stop any protest against progress in the peace process.’
      • ‘She is calling on those in power to stop preaching hatred.’
      • ‘She called on the council to employ someone, even for two or three days a week, to look after the cemetery.’
      • ‘Many of them had called on him to step down.’
      • ‘Farmers are urging the public to sign a petition calling on the Government to tighten controls on illegal imports.’
      appeal to, ask, request, apply to, petition
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