Definition of call girl in English:

call girl


  • A female prostitute who accepts appointments by telephone.

    • ‘Was there a reason Robert wanted his call girl to stay in bed and never get up?’
    • ‘On that note, let's talk about the ending of the film, when the camera seems to endlessly linger on Or's face as she prepares herself for another night as a call girl in a bachelor party.’
    • ‘Can I just ask you, is this a work of fiction or are you a working call girl?’
    • ‘At 21, I was a call girl, paying lawyers to keep me out of jail; now I am a successful lawyer, a successful businesswoman, and a loving wife.’
    • ‘A friend told her about an easy way to make good money - as a call girl for an escort service.’
    • ‘The psychological action comes to a screeching halt with interludes like the murder of a call girl, an excessively long motorcycle race that has nothing to do with the plot, and other red herrings.’
    • ‘It's your fantasy so you can be anything from a 19th century New Orleans street walker to a high dollar call girl for the rich and famous.’
    • ‘Recently, the former call girl announced that a Hollywood movie about her life is in the works.’
    • ‘The fact that she goes off to sell her cookies as a high-class call girl is not as shocking as the idea that, somewhere along her selfish slide into sex for cash, she got married and had a kid.’
    • ‘Her pixie-ish hair made her look like an angel, but her outfit made her look like a call girl.’
    • ‘Professing not to know that his nubile young companion on one particularly debauched evening was a call girl is even worse than knowing, and then trying to brazen your way out of it.’
    • ‘Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassel bring a marvelous emotional depth to their call girl and gigolo characters that belies their objectification by the film's other characters.’
    • ‘At the time, I was a high-priced call girl working in Asia.’
    • ‘Among the travellers is Argia, a formerly wealthy call girl, or courtesan.’
    • ‘The winner was Belle Du Jour, the diary of a London call girl.’
    • ‘Last year a student in her 20s left the national police academy after being discovered moonlighting as a call girl and using the school's computers to arrange trysts.’
    • ‘Eventually, I was offered a higher and more secure income in academia than I ever made as a call girl.’
    • ‘He added: ‘After my wife died, I saw a call girl for four months.’’
    • ‘When your little call girl realises the truth about you, she won't stick around.’
    • ‘Tori wears some amazing getups while trying to elude the evil pimp who's trying to turn her into his prize call girl.’
    prostitute, whore, sex worker
    fille de joie, demi-mondaine
    sporting girl, sporting lady, sporting woman
    pro, moll, tail, brass nail, ho, grande horizontale, woman on the game, working girl, member of the oldest profession
    hooker, hustler, chippy
    model, escort, masseuse
    tart, woman of the streets, lady of the night, woman of the night, scarlet woman, cocotte
    courtesan, strumpet, harlot, trollop, woman of ill repute, lady of pleasure, cyprian, doxy, drab, quean, trull, wench
    sing-song girl
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call girl