Definition of call collect in English:

call collect


North American
  • Make a phone call reversing the charges.

    • ‘You could call collect but you had to pay for your calls, either way.’
    • ‘My arrangement with this aunt is that she calls me or if I need to call her I call collect and then she calls me back.’
    • ‘Don't accept gifts from strangers or call someone, even if they invite you to call collect.’
    • ‘I'm sorry I had to call collect, but I have news.’
    • ‘What do you mean, ‘Why don't I just call collect?‘’
    • ‘From countries where toll-free calls are not available, customers are able to call collect.’
    • ‘They charge extra money to inmates who call collect to their families.’
    • ‘A prison social worker said that prisoners may call collect on pay telephones inside the prison.’
    • ‘You will also have your own phone from which long distance calls can be made by calling collect or using a charge card.’
    • ‘You called collect to tell us about your new dog?’