Definition of caliginous in English:



  • Dark, dim, or misty.

    ‘the caliginous sky’
    • ‘He sat in the dark with a single candle glowing on his desk, facing his computer monitor which was emitting an ethereal light to his head in the caliginous night.’
    • ‘Somehow, the caliginous man's intimidating demeanor always failed to discourage or frighten Josh, much less hamper his cheery, gossiping attitude.’
    • ‘His films are more caliginous dream states than easily explained allegories.’
    • ‘His precise features were hidden beneath the caliginous atmosphere of the night, but I could see by the distant lights that he was a tall, willowy figure with light muscles.’
    • ‘Women walked behind men and liberation was not even a faint mirage on a caliginous, feminist horizon for un’ Americana in post-war Italy.’
    • ‘Soft, orange-pink rays of sunlight gradually bathed the caliginous streets.’
    • ‘The gargantuan black clouds were overcast by a dense, opaque fog, ever converging, camouflaged with the caliginous sky that surrounded.’
    • ‘Then it happened, as I didn't expect it would as they lowered the coffin into the crepuscular and caliginous hole we all stood above the coffin holding a clod of dirt, ready to scatter it over the firm wood.’
    • ‘He bled into the darkness between every light plastered on the ceiling, only displaying his head and shoulders in the caliginous luminosity, fading back to darkness as he walked forward.’


Mid 16th-century: from Latin caliginosus ‘misty’, from caligo, caligin- ‘mistiness’.