Definition of Californian in English:



  • Relating to the US state of California or its inhabitants.

    ‘67 per cent of Californian voters backed the measure’
    ‘a richly flavoured red wine which is quintessentially Californian’
    • ‘All the food I made for her party was Californian and I created a layered "California Roll Salad" with fresh crab meat, avocado and seaweed.’
    • ‘She will spend a week relaxing in the Californian sunshine with a select team of stylists from across the globe.’
    • ‘The wine list selections at the seven restaurants around the country are exclusively Californian.’
    • ‘Scotty has just moved to a small Californian town with his mother and stepfather.’
    • ‘Gonzalez was fishing for sea bass on the Californian coast.’
    • ‘She's a Californian girl, bouncy, bubbly and more beautiful than Barbie.’


  • A native or inhabitant of California.

    ‘a Californian by birth, I came to south Florida in 1997’
    ‘more than half of all Californians live in just five counties’
    • ‘It wasn't the first time a Californian made works that were everything the Establishment wasn't.’
    • ‘They said no more ethnic identification for jobs, we're all here as Californians.’
    • ‘For now, Californians who use the wind and sun to energize their homes or businesses get a tax break.’
    • ‘A native Californian, she was hired as a fashion illustrator by Weinstocks department store on the merit of her high school portfolio.’
    • ‘More than 400 comments from Californians were submitted during the open comment period.’
    • ‘The Californian seemed insulted when I didn't ask for his name and address.’