Definition of California poppy in English:

California poppy

(also Californian poppy)


  • An annual poppy native to western North America, which is cultivated for its brilliant yellow or orange flowers.

    Eschscholtzia californica, family Papaveraceae

    • ‘These include California poppy, Jamaican dogwood, cramp bark and pasque flower.’
    • ‘Many commercial wildflower mixes contain common annual garden flower seed such as sweet alyssum, cosmos, bachelor's button, and California poppy, rather than Nebraska native flowers.’
    • ‘Running through is a bold stripe of color provided by rosy pink lantana and Jupiter's beard, plus purple Mexican bush sage and orange California poppies, as shown on the opposite page.’
    • ‘The diverse flowering gardens of Berkeley and Santa Cruz - stuffed with bee-friendly species like California poppies, sunflowers, and cosmos - make those cities prime bee habitat.’
    • ‘Golden Tears - a yellow trailing eschscholtzia or California poppy, suitable as ground cover or for a hanging basket - was also bred by T&M, as was Discovering Stripes, a striking darkly striped polyanthus.’
    • ‘Our free’ plants have included annuals such as purple and pink clary, Californian poppies, English marigolds, red nasturtiums, white and purple tobacco plants and the green-flowered Nicotiana langsdorfii.’
    • ‘Other sleep promoting herbs include valerian, Californian poppy, skullcap, hops and passionflower.’
    • ‘But in summer, spent flowers on annuals such as California poppy, jewelflower, farewell-to-spring, and Nigella hispanica set and drop their seeds.’
    • ‘The three flowers to be voted upon included the California poppy, the Mariposa lily, and the Matilija poppy.’
    • ‘I leapt out the door and casually vomited as I strolled by a bed of California poppies, bending down to smell the flowers as if the vomiting was an afterthought.’
    • ‘In the same bed, I also sowed Eschscholtzia californica, the Californian poppy.’
    • ‘More to try: autumn sage, butterfly weed, California poppy, catmint, English lavender, Gaura lindheimeri, and Mexican hat.’
    • ‘In the 1800s, brilliant fields of native California poppies were so dense that sailors could spot them from the coast 30 miles away.’
    • ‘Hops flowers, California poppy, skullcap and catnip can all be used to make relaxing teas, and some herbs used in aromatherapy are especially calming, such as chamomile, rose, lavender, passion flower and lemon balm.’
    • ‘A few feet away, students find a striped yellow spider lying in wait, a furry green caterpillar feeding on a brilliant mule ear flower, and a honey bee pollinating an orange California poppy.’
    • ‘Among them were orange and yellow California poppies; their sunny blooms have returned every year since.’
    • ‘In spring, the hills shine an almost Irish green; patches of California poppies glow brilliant yellow orange.’
    • ‘Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids are ubiquitous among the Papaveraceae, which include the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica Cham.) and the opium poppy.’
    • ‘For a drift of silky petalled flowers of pinky-orange, plant the low-growing California poppy, Eschscholzia california, the flower that gave the Golden West its name.’
    • ‘The garden is resplendent with California poppies, blossoming artichokes, and, at its center, a ramada built with kiwi vines intertwined with willow and recycled wood.’
    • ‘Don't take kava or California poppy with Parkinson's medication, and be wary of combining them with central nervous system depressants or the drug pentobarbitol.’
    • ‘Two of the frost-tolerant species that showed this drooping and recovery were chosen: white clover and California poppy (Eschscholzia californica Cham.).’