Definition of calender in English:



  • A machine in which cloth or paper is pressed by rollers to glaze or smooth it.


[with object]
  • Press in a calender.

    • ‘All calendered films contain materials that are listed by FDA in the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR.’
    • ‘The calendering process provides a uniformity of thickness that surpasses the uniformity achieved by extrusion.’
    • ‘The magnetic media then is calendered in a stack of rollers to improve the packing of the magnetic pigment and smoothness of the media, again giving a boost in the electromagnetic performance of the media.’
    • ‘The existence of separate groups of ‘merchants’ concerned with the organization of ginning, spinning, weaving, calendering, and dyeing shows the development of a significant degree of division of labour.’
    • ‘After calendering, the media is slit into the desired tape width.’
    • ‘The facing webs, with the elastomeric fibers between them, are calendered together thus adhering the facing webs together via contact adhesion with the elastomeric fibers.’
    • ‘Later refinements included calendered surfaces produced by passing sheets through rollers.’
    smooth, iron, smooth out, remove creases from, put creases in
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Late 15th century (as a verb): from French calendre (noun), calendrer (verb), of unknown origin.