Definition of caldarium in English:


nounPlural caldaria

  • A hot room in an ancient Roman bath.

    • ‘But although he has the ancient Roman caldarium under his boozer, he does not have a more modern bath.’
    • ‘He could then do some exercising to work up a sweat before moving into the tepidarium which would prepare him for the caldarium which was more or less like a modern sauna.’
    • ‘Renovated and restyled a few years ago, The Roman Bath was formerly structured to allow punters to look down on to the 2,000 year old caldarium from which it takes its name.’
    • ‘There's a tepidarium, a caldarium and a fine timber sanarium.’
    • ‘The last step was the caldarium, which was similar to a Turkish bath, hot and steamy.’
    • ‘The facility will also encompass a specially designed relaxation room, a hydrotherapy room and a caldarium.’
    • ‘In the following year a much larger area was opened and the hypocaust proved to belong to the caldarium or hot room of baths which had been built about AD 60-65.’
    • ‘When renovations uncovered a caldarium - a Roman steam bath - amid the pub's foundations, this pub got a new name: the Roman Bath.’
    • ‘The warmth of the caldarium nearly put her asleep; the ensuing cold-plunge shocked her awake.’
    • ‘They were converted in the C5 to a church by the removal of the walls between the caldaria and the tepidarium, the choir being constructed in the frigidarium.’