Definition of calculative in English:



  • See calculate

    • ‘From the topmost manager to the lowest managee, working life is directed and shaped via the circulation of multiple narrative and calculative texts.’
    • ‘You might object to this line of argument by saying that there are no deal breakers in politics, that we have to look at the whole picture and make prudential, calculative judgments about what will, on the whole, be best for the country.’
    • ‘By the 3rd millennium B.C., they had developed a primitive form of cost accounting, elaborate techniques of budgeting and planning, and calculative techniques for devising labor standards.’
    • ‘Since this is the chief finding of the humanities in the 20th century, I would bet that in the 21st century it will start revising our calculative, allocative, easily-socialist view of the economy.’
    • ‘He's calculative, you gotta do something he wouldn't expect.’
    • ‘If you want to make your life more valuable and fun-filled then don't be calculative in each and every single conversation you have with others.’
    • ‘Most of the architecture in Adelaide where I live is marked by the poverty of an architectural practice that is dominated by the technology of builders and the calculative instrumental thinking of the developers.’
    • ‘They write, ‘This principle of sufficient reason, the basis of calculative thinking, in its totalizing, and imperialistic, form, can be seen as the metaphysical underpinning which made the Holocaust possible.’’
    • ‘Family members at all social levels have been found to have exchanged support and services from a mixture of material, calculative and emotional motives.’
    • ‘With the understanding that not all partnerships are founded totally on conflict or calculative action, integration is the approach most likely to lead to the initiation, development, and maintenance of a strategic partnership.’
    • ‘So elusive seems this innocence, so thoroughgoing our saturation in the technological, the calculative, and the instrumental, that we may be tempted to adopt an antithetical conception of human nature, as violent, chaotic, and amoral.’
    • ‘Needless to say, sometimes I get disappointed with friends who do not realize or are not calculative enough to see my ‘generosity’.’
    • ‘The words of income tax legislation suggest a calculative regime that was well defined and precise, in which allowable deductions were carefully, and sparingly, specified.’
    • ‘The accounting practices examined in this paper do not reveal some crude, and by modern standards ‘simplistic’, calculative technology.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that computers ‘play’ a very different kind of chess to humans which generally speaking is highly calculative, rather materialistic and unbelievably tenacious.’
    • ‘Aimee had made sure that she does not offend this boss, no matter how mean and calculative he was with her, and would jump at any chance to fire her.’
    • ‘There was something about how his smile was genuine, not cool and calculative weighing her in the balance as other guys usually did, wry smiles casting their face downward.’
    • ‘He is very intelligent and calculative but purely sadistic, often the ‘man with all the ideas’ and entirely inconsiderate for the souls around him.’
    • ‘It provides calculative techniques, such as discounted cash flow and capital budgeting, that serve to focus decision making.’
    • ‘It mobilized civilians as well as spectators; war was calculative rather than visceral.’