Definition of calculatedly in English:



  • See calculated

    • ‘The well-crafted and calculatedly installed photographs through which he expressed his populist theme determined that the show would be of, but necessarily not by, the people.’
    • ‘His enemies have been able to cast him as a man calculatedly placing himself on both sides of every issue.’
    • ‘He knew exactly how far he could go; any apparent indiscretion was a calculatedly baited hook.’
    • ‘The invitation -- calculatedly late, I felt -- intimated that all her regular customers would be there.’
    • ‘They tend to be sceptical of extreme statements that call state institutions calculatedly inhumane.’
    • ‘Were some people calculatedly closing down their business premises just so the government might be embarrassed?’
    • ‘Its characters are calculatedly charming and the script slyly ends each of its tragic notes with a sight gag.’
    • ‘Don't call it a controversy - even though that's what the coach has deliberately, calculatedly set in motion.’
    • ‘What we have here is an opposition calculatedly using the tactics of deceit, promising one thing to gain office, with the intention of doing exactly the opposite if elected.’
    • ‘You deliberately and calculatedly abused trust placed in you by pupils and staff.’
    • ‘In this calculatedly familiar populist myth, what appears to be a clash of national cultures is, in fact a class conflict: real people vs. rich people and/or country vs. city.’
    • ‘I held my breath and awaited a reply as you shifted your weight delicately, calculatedly.’
    • ‘His tall, impressive frame was leaning back comfortably in the big chair behind his desk, the trademark curl of jet-black hair dangling across his brow in a calculatedly insouciant manner.’
    • ‘I've said that the old regime must be the only regime in the history of the world that deliberately, calculatedly, as a matter of policy, destroyed the skills base of the country's working class.’
    • ‘They sit somewhere, with malice aforethought, and coldly and calculatedly take someone's character apart.’
    • ‘His voice was calculatedly calm, betrayed by occasional outbursts of frustration.’
    • ‘If anything could be more calculatedly red-rag to a bull, I don't know what it is.’
    • ‘The movie calculatedly attempts to replicate the things that made the original successful, and fails.’
    • ‘He deliberately and calculatedly chose the county fair to kick off his presidential campaign.’
    • ‘We must consciously and calculatedly plan to prepare our people to compete to promote and defend our interests and aspirations.’