Definition of calculably in English:



  • See calculable

    • ‘The fight sequences are grounded and intense without being inordinately brutal, and calculably acrobatic without resembling a circus act.’
    • ‘His premise was calculably simple for the complex and changing times in which he wrote.’
    • ‘The infinite and inexorable movement of the earth's crust is calculably liable to shift the nuclear waste, when it will disperse in aquifers or on the surface.’
    • ‘The rotation of the protons emits synchrotron radiation which calculably consumes the rotational energy very slowly and very evenly.’
    • ‘We suggest calculably decreasing subsidies of different types as provisional measures.’
    • ‘A calculably shorter make-ready time significantly reduced net production processes and high throughput speeds in scheduling and production.’
    • ‘A trained eye will know how difficult it is to throw a clay pot on a wheel with such precision - to create eggshell-thin walls, or to ‘destroy’ or distort the work so calculably.’
    • ‘The predictive search engine uses its trend-spotting smarts to let consumers know when is the best time to buy airline tickets - calculably when prices will be at their lowest.’