Definition of calculable in English:



  • Able to be measured or assessed.

    ‘the conversion of mass into energy affects stars in a calculable fashion’
    • ‘In modern industrialized societies, the drive to make everything rational and calculable severs reason from the project of human emancipation and reduces it to the status of a tool.’
    • ‘In the cold war, nuclear arms issues were considered a matter of rationality, an international chess match in which self and mutual interests were calculable and predictable.’
    • ‘This is not, however, a war, a great mobilisation with a clear strategic or calculable end.’
    • ‘Unlike true insurers, these players are not accumulating pools of insurance reserves to settle calculable future claims, but are instead relying on sophisticated models and dynamic hedging strategies.’
    • ‘Michael is preparing to marry Delia, and the family is consumed with talk of dowries and other calculable advantages.’
    • ‘The essence of real leadership and responsible management is the ability to judge the difference between short-term calculable gains and deeply rooted core values.’
    • ‘The length, width and, where calculable, number of the four separate cell types are presented in Table 3.’
    • ‘The irrationality of rationality appears wherever quality management focuses on increasing efficiency, and this is then measured by quantifiable, calculable outputs of the drug care system.’
    • ‘The solution had to be general and calculable at the same time and in a mathematical fashion, that is, geometrically founded.’
    • ‘This book explains that all casino games, except blackjack, have a built-in house edge, a mathematically calculable advantage to the gaming establishment.’
    • ‘The potential interest rate bill is limited to a calculable size, and a borrower can decide whether to invest this extra cash in buying a particular property.’
    • ‘When I started teaching again I made quite a fuss doing my calculus courses constructively, making a point of presenting my epsilon-delta's as explicit, calculable, functions.’
    • ‘The visibility conferred on the calculating self who occupies a specific locale within a loosely assembled network of calculable spaces is intrinsically linked to norms of financial performance.’
    • ‘By informing her of the calculable risks, avoidable disabilities and prenatal test options, the counselor radically reframes Ms. K's hope-laden pregnancy.’
    • ‘They bought a company with real, calculable assets such as a cable network, a film library, a host of magazines, and television stations.’
    • ‘Temperature was revealed to be calculable from the average kinetic energy of a system of identical particles, and entropy was understood in terms of the number of quantum states available to the particles in that system.’
    • ‘Rogers tested for traces of vanillin, a chemical compound that slowly disappears over time at a calculable rate.’
    • ‘A sacrifice is not always a calculable commodity and often entails an element of uncertainty.’
    • ‘The mainstream record industry's position is a throwback to when cultural product was replicated via physical means, which spawned material artifacts of limited supply and calculable monetary value.’
    • ‘The philosopher critiques technology's instrumentality as marking the commencement of modernity as calculable, defined, measurable, ordered.’