Definition of calcium in English:



mass noun
  • The chemical element of atomic number 20, a soft grey metal.

    Calcium is one of the alkaline earth metals. Its compounds occur naturally in limestone, fluorite, gypsum, and other minerals. Many physiological processes involve calcium ions, and calcium salts are an essential constituent of bone, teeth, and shells

    • ‘If blue hydrangeas are wanted, avoid using fertilisers that are high in calcium.’
    • ‘A dietary factor that increases the loss of calcium from the body is refined sugar.’
    • ‘You should aim to get 700 mg of calcium each day, which is roughly the same as a pint of milk or two small yoghurts.’
    • ‘Strontium is an element similar to calcium, and follows calcium into teeth and bones.’
    • ‘Most of us were brought up on a diet that included dairy products as an essential source of calcium.’
    • ‘There may be some doubt now about the safety of oestrogen but there is no doubt about the safety of calcium.’
    • ‘Children who have poor diets and lack sufficient calcium and iron are hurt the most.’
    • ‘Children need calcium to build bones, and a little fat for energy.’
    • ‘Dairy products are not the best source of calcium as they cause calcium losses at the same time as providing calcium.’
    • ‘Some fruit is rich in mineral elements such as calcium, iron and magnesium.’
    • ‘These active regions often require the presence of a metal ion such as calcium, zinc or iron.’
    • ‘If you tend to be susceptible to cramps, try eating more foods that are high in potassium and calcium.’
    • ‘Having enough calcium in your diet when you are young is important in minimising the risk, especially for women, of osteoporosis.’
    • ‘By living off calcium and vegetables, it doesn't surprise me that women stay so thin.’
    • ‘Among natural foods rich in calcium, dairy milk is second only to maternal milk.’
    • ‘Broccoli and almonds are chock full of calcium, but this does not seem to be common knowledge.’
    • ‘If the hen doesn't have enough calcium, the eggs may be soft shelled and egg binding is more likely.’
    • ‘The bones don't just keep us standing, they're a reservoir of calcium for the rest of the body.’
    • ‘Because vegetarians eat less protein, they need less calcium to provide the same ratio.’
    • ‘The shells are made from calcium carbonate, a compound of calcium, carbon, and oxygen.’


Early 19th century: from Latin calx, calc- ‘lime’ (see calx) + -ium.