Definition of calcify in English:



[with object]usually as adjective calcified
  • Harden by deposition of or conversion into calcium carbonate or some other insoluble calcium compounds.

    ‘calcified cartilage’
    • ‘Unless the gall bladder is calcified or the patient has other risk factors, asymptomatic gallstones may be managed expectantly.’
    • ‘Pleural plaques seen in chest x-rays are mostly calcified.’
    • ‘By any measure, decapods are underrepresented in the fossil record by comparison with organisms with more heavily calcified exoskeletons.’
    • ‘A chest CT exam from the 3rd day of life showed the mass to be calcified and compromising the airway.’
    • ‘Neither Olenellina nor Agnostina had calcified protaspides, a condition which is sometimes regarded as primitive.’
    • ‘Not all bryozoans are calcified; the degree of calcification and mineralogy also varies.’
    • ‘The endocuticle is ‘the thickest and most heavily calcified layer of the cuticle’.’
    • ‘The scales may remain unmineralized, and consist primarily of carbohydrates, or they may be calcified; silica plates are rare.’
    • ‘A simple cyst of the liver does not have calcified areas.’
    • ‘The project involved the application of farmyard manure and calcified seaweed to the land in order to increase its productive value, and enable the raising of 40 suckler cows on the land.’
    • ‘The nannoplankton crisis was twofold: a decrease in size and low calcified specimens are observed in addition to a drastic decrease in absolute abundance.’
    • ‘Her chest x-ray showed 2 nodules, one in the lower left lung that was calcified, and a second one in the left upper lung that was noncalcified.’
    • ‘A chest radiograph showed calcified lymph nodes at the right tracheobronchial angle and a left mid lung granuloma.’
    • ‘A laser beam that has a very shallow penetration depth and will perforate calcified plaque is the excimer laser.’
    • ‘As autozooids grew in length, the outermost diaphragms were calcified in sequence as their membranes formed.’
    • ‘The well-defined zone of tendon, fibrocartilage, calcified cartilage, and bone had not been re-established.’
    • ‘These calcified reds can be difficult to distinguish from corals without the assistance of a microscope or a trained eye, as you can see from the picture below at left.’
    • ‘Some genera have thick-walled calcified necting rings; others have thin and delicate ones.’
    • ‘In diabetic patients with heavily calcified vessels, the arteries are frequently noncompressible.’
    • ‘A characteristic of muscles subjected to high force regimes is the presence of sesamoids or calcified central tendons.’