Definition of calcareous in English:



  • 1Containing calcium carbonate; chalky.

    ‘calcareous soils’
    ‘the bottom mud becomes calcareous’
    • ‘And it's a cairn with a view, and the mound of ground it is perched on is a jewel of calcareous grassland, flowering with the round heads of Woolly Thistles and a spray of Harebells.’
    • ‘The area has non-calcareous, brown loamy clayey soils, developed from calcareous marl.’
    • ‘The Ph conditions should be ideally calcareous or neutral.’
    • ‘The Ravine Forests were distinguished from other deciduous woodlands by their high, steep bank slopes, calcareous soils and their associated calciphilic flora.’
    • ‘The soils here are calcareous with clay and sand.’
    • ‘Around London, R. triquetrus is now largely restricted to calcareous soils, whereas P. schreberi, a strict calcifuge, remains frequent on acid soils in this region.’
    • ‘For the establishment of A. montana the calcareous soil conditions would not have been appropriate.’
    • ‘Kidney stones are broadly categorised into calcareous (calcium containing) stones, which are radio-opaque, and non-calcareous stones.’
    • ‘Because of their ability to secrete calcium carbonate, calcareous red algae have a better Phanerozoic fossil record than many other groups of algal protists.’
    • ‘These prairies, like the Black Belt, have rich soils derived from calcareous bedrock.’
    • ‘Conversely the blinding white calcareous albariza soils of Jerez produce high-quality sherries, possibly because of reflectance qualities in high temperatures.’
    • ‘The fungus can thrive in calcareous clay loam soils with a pH range of 7.0 to 8.5.’
    • ‘Many parrotfishes feed on calcareous algae (algae that are high in mineral calcium) growing on dead, exposed coral by biting off chunks and turning them into a fine paste.’
    • ‘Whether a USGA-specified or California green is constructed, if calcareous sand is used, there will be a soil with a pH near 8.0.’
    • ‘Little used by cars so far, it has actually become a calcareous (calcium-rich) grassland grazed by sheep and horses.’
    • ‘Laessle noted the importance of the calcareous nature of the midden soil and its affect on species distribution on the Orange Point shell mound in Florida.’
    • ‘However, it is the ability to tolerate excessive Al, Mn and Fe that largely determines the flora of acid soils, and an insensitivity to Fe- and P-deficiencies that determines the flora of calcareous soils.’
    • ‘Near the beginning of the trail, such species as Zanthoxylum americanum and Quercus muhlenbergii attested to the calcareous nature of the soils.’
    • ‘Symptoms of iron chlorosis, observed as yellow striping on corn leaves, may occur on highly calcareous or saline-sodic soils with pH levels above 7.8.’
    • ‘Cast enough doubt on enough results and the legitimacy of every elected officeholder dissolves like the calcareous shells of so much phytoplankton doused in nitric and sulfuric acid.’
    • ‘In contrast, Al, at all concentrations tested, inhibited growth in an Al-sensitive race whose provenance was a calcareous soil.’
    • ‘During egg-laying, birds increase consumption of calcareous grit to obtain sufficient calcium for eggshell formation.’
    • ‘The soil is calcareous, has a franc-sandy texture and moderate salinity (8000 m cm - 2 electrical conductivity at the surface).’
    • ‘Fritted iron can be used on acid soils, but it isn't suitable for use on alkaline or calcareous soils (with calcium carbonate).’
    • ‘Phytosiderophores are highly effective in solubilization and mobilization of Zn and Fe in calcareous soils and are involved in the uptake of these nutrients by roots.’
    • ‘It forms a mosaic of various habitats from woodland and ponds, to herb-rich calcareous grassland, resulting in a rich bio-reservoir of flora and fauna.’
    • ‘This species grows poorly on calcareous soils, but when some of its roots are exposed to distilled water containing Al, its growth is improved.’
    1. 1.1Ecology (of vegetation) occurring on chalk or limestone.
      • ‘The emeralds are found in black calcareous shales interbedded with limestones of Cretaceous age.’
      • ‘Particularly instructive is the effectively continuous high-resolution signal of the interval from the base of the upper coccolith limestone to the calcareous mudstone above the upper oil shale.’
      • ‘The canyon fill passes conformably upward into limestone and calcareous siltstone and sandstone of the Wonoka Formation.’
      • ‘Typically, fens with pH values above 6.0 are associated with calcareous groundwater.’
      • ‘The ecology of different Ca physiotypes is thought to reflect their ability to utilize Ca as an osmoticum in primarily xerophytic, calcareous environments.’
      • ‘Bivalves are characterized by a pair of calcareous shells, or valves, held together with an elastic hinge ligament.’
      • ‘As coccolith content increases the calcareous mudstone passes transitionally to a coccolith limestone.’
      • ‘Many benthic and nektonic organisms experienced a major crisis, including calcareous and organic-walled phytoplankton.’
      • ‘The bones occur in a dark olive-gray calcareous mudstone layer several decimeters below the thin limestone bed.’
      • ‘Rendzina - a shallow calcareous soil that develops where limestone/chalk is the parent material.’
      • ‘The shale layers are calcareous in composition and occasionally contain limestone nodules.’
      • ‘It can be found in a variety of open, sunny, wetland habitats including a pitcher plant bog, a wet calcareous outcrop and the edges of hardwood flood plain forests.’
      • ‘They migrate along the inner face of the blastula wall to form a ring in the vegetal region and lay down calcareous skeletal rods.’
      • ‘Based upon the presence of calcareous algae, benthic foraminifera and nudists, a lagoonal environment has been suggested for the upper part of the Ocozocuautla Formation.’
      • ‘The unit consists of limestone or calcareous mudstone and was deposited in a fully marine environment.’
      • ‘It consists of phyllites, calcareous sandstones and limestone conglomerates that are boudinaged and folded.’
      • ‘The Zhaohuajing Formation is composed of dark gray to black, argillaceous, nodular, bioclastic limestone with calcareous sandstone and siltstone in the basal part.’
      • ‘The board told of King Alfred's Cairn, a nature reserve of calcareous woodlands, permissive paths, interesting flowers and Heritage Lottery funding.’
      • ‘Oceanic pelagic (cherts, micritic limestones) and hemipelagic (mudstones, siliceous and calcareous mudstones) lithologies dominate.’
      • ‘Granite rock is pretty much pH balanced, but most limestone or calcareous rocks will cause the water pH to go up or sour.’
      • ‘Slices incorporate oceanic pelagic and hemipelagic lithologies such as chert, siliceous, calcareous and tuffaceous mudstone, limestone, and siliceous and calcareous shale.’
      • ‘Subtidal lithologies contain peloids, ostracodes, bivalves, gastropods and oncoids (with less common benthic foraminifera and calcareous algae).’
      • ‘Only in low-energy environments is the sea bottom stable enough to allow the benthic, temperate carbonate producers to develop their calcareous skeletons.’
      • ‘In contrast, other areas that are also receiving acid precipitation, but have limestone and calcareous sandstone, contain lakes whose pH values are essentially unaffected by acid precipitation.’
      • ‘At this locality, the two stricklandioid species occur mainly in yellowish green, thin-bedded, calcareous mudstone, associated with other brachiopods and rugose corals.’
      • ‘At the McCoy mine locality, these strata were mapped as an informal unit of calcareous shale and thin-bedded limestone by Dane and Ross.’
      • ‘Within the valley, the upland soils have been formed almost exclusively from limestone and calcareous shales.’
      • ‘Paleoenvironmental interpretation of the overlying interbedded calcareous shales and thin molluscan limestones is beyond the scope of this report.’
      • ‘The Liard Formation is a variably thick succession of calcareous sandstone and arenaceous limestone that was deposited within and adjacent to the Peace River embayment in the Middle Triassic.’
      • ‘The two major microorganisms whose remains are thus fossilised in chalk are foraminifera and the spikes and cells of calcareous algæ known as coccoliths and rhabdoliths.’
      • ‘The Blubber Point Member, characterized by impure limestone and calcareous sandstone with minor shale, represents shallow, inner carbonate shelf deposition.’
      • ‘Zone 5 is characterized by deep-shelf, pro-deltaic, and shelf edge settings below storm wave base and generally lacking benthic calcareous algae.’
      • ‘If a soil contains a substantial quantity of fragmented limestone, it can be described as calcareous, or calcaire in French, which has often been wrongly translated as chalk in English wine literature.’
      • ‘The fishes fell into the calcareous sediment at the bottom where they were preserved, some with fine detail of the scales and the fleshy parts of the body.’
      • ‘In limestone and calcareous grassland, the key nutrient involved is phosphorus, because calcium phosphate is relatively unavailable to non-mycorrhizal plants.’


Late 17th century: from Latin calcarius (from calx, calc- ‘lime’) + -eous.