Definition of calathea in English:



  • A tropical American plant which typically has variegated leaves, grown as a greenhouse or indoor plant.

    Genus Calathea, family Marantaceae: many species, including the zebra plant

    • ‘The maranta and calathea are other such plants.’
    • ‘We are situated in Darwin and sell many varieties of true tropical plants - heliconias, gingers, alocasias, colocasias, calatheas, philodendrons, caladiums, cannas and more - plants for foliage and flower.’
    • ‘Good quality calatheas can be produced but careful attention must be given to the production environment.’
    • ‘Add a splash of color with wild exotic flowers - heliconia, birds of paradise, musas, calatheas, gingers, palms, orchids, bamboos, and lotuses.’
    • ‘Like many plants, calatheas are very good at removing toxins from the air, caused by cleaning products, modern furnishings made of synthetic materials and so on.’
    • ‘The gardens include one of the largest collections of towering champion trees in this area, accented with lush under-story plantings, water features, and displays of orchids, calatheas, and other unique plants.’
    • ‘Familiar house plants, such as philodendrons and calatheas, as well as many unusual tropical plants with bold textures and bright colors are displayed here.’
    • ‘Out came the trees and in went some Bangalow palms and Golden Cane palms; more cordylines, calatheas, ctenanthes, gingers, cycads and a bat plant were also added.’
    • ‘Division and separating are easy methods and are mostly employed for all kinds of ornamental grasses, bamboo, calatheas, marantas, anthuriums, aglaonema, chlorophytum (spider plant), etc.’
    • ‘Marantas are generally low and squat and calatheas are more upright.’
    • ‘Many calatheas have a red or purple underside to their leaves, which adds subterfuge to their pest resistance.’
    • ‘This book covers the floricultural use of the most important heliconias and their relatives (gingers, costus, calatheas, ornamental bananas and birds of paradise), as well as anthuriums and tropical foliage.’


Modern Latin, from Greek kalathos ‘basket’.