Definition of calamondin in English:


(also calamondin orange)


  • A small hybrid citrus plant which bears fragrant white flowers followed by small orange-yellow fruit, native to the Philippines and grown as a houseplant.

    × Citrofortunella microcarpa (formerly Citrus mitis), family Rutaceae

    • ‘Open the bottle, and one smells a mixed but light scent of different kinds of fruit including orange, citrus and calamondin orange.’
    • ‘Examples of acidic varieties include ‘Improved Meyer’ and ‘Ponderosa’ lemons, calamondins, and kumquats.’
    • ‘When and how do I trim my Meyer lemons and calamondin?’
    • ‘The miniature calamondin ‘orange’ grown as a decorative house plant is sometimes considered to be a mandarin × kumquat hybrid, and sometimes assigned to a species of its own.’


Early 20th century: from Tagalog kalamunding.