Definition of calamander in English:


(also calamander wood)


  • another term for coromandel
    • ‘Coromandel - A variety of calamander wood; much used for making furniture, particularly small articles such as writing boxes.’
    • ‘It can be striped with black or with shades of brown; these varieties are called calamander wood or variegated ebony.’
    • ‘Next he took us on an interesting tour of the dining room which was dominated by a huge calamander dining table with a magnificent finish and twelve arm chairs.’
    • ‘Flat plates of ivory are inlaid with scroll and floral ornament designs which are used in the fittings of calamander wood boxes found in the southern district of Matara.’
    • ‘It was ‘handsomely built, laid out in mahogany and calamander wood,’ and gained reputation as a place for lovers to hold assignations.’
    • ‘The body of the bowl is fashioned of decarbonized iron, inlaid with silver and gold and displayed on a calamander wood base.’


Early 19th century: from Sinhalese kaḷu-madīriya, perhaps from Coromandel ebony (see coromandel), changed by association with Sinhalese kaḷu ‘black’.