Definition of cage bird in English:

cage bird


  • A bird of a kind customarily kept in a cage.

    • ‘Most of those birds exhibit colorful plumage, and several species are popular cage birds.’
    • ‘Often it is not easy to photograph some cage birds without the cage obstructing part of the view.’
    • ‘Throughout the nineteenth and into the early twentieth century, house finches were popular cage birds in the United States (as they still are in parts of Mexico).’
    • ‘As the CD demonstrates, some cage birds are able to mimic human speech with such accuracy that some listeners will barely believe the sounds have been made by birds.’
    • ‘Prior to this period, eclectus was mainly regarded as a cage bird, and many of the captured birds were lost because they were unable to adjust to the new living conditions.’
    • ‘Cats and dogs are expected to be the most numerous patients, but the centre will also be dealing with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cage birds and all types of pets - but not farm animals.’
    • ‘Young birds normally eat what they see their parents eat, but some cage birds never get veggies, and some baby's are handfed and never offered veggies before going to their new homes.’
    • ‘I think I have an escaped cage bird, or some rare bird.’
    • ‘This popular cage bird, native to dry country of southwestern Africa, is considered established in and around Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.’
    • ‘Indeed, some seed diets fed to cage birds are known to be protein deficient and specifically deficient in tyrosine, cysteine, or methionine.’