Definition of café au lait in English:

café au lait


mass noun
  • 1Coffee with milk.

    • ‘Of course, you can't just hand out a bunch of bananas and a cup of cafe au lait and expect a standing ovation.’
    • ‘Available beverages include hot coffee, espresso, milk coffee; macchiato, cafe au lait, mochachino, and mocha, as well as ice tea, ice tea with lemon, ice tea Thai style and healthy fruit juices.’
    • ‘Sophie started to jog, thinking that this was silly, she was just cold, wanted a cup of cafe au lait and a warm cat curled on her feet.’
    • ‘Minimal approaches to breakfast include croissants and café au lait in France, chocolate and churros in Spain, and many variations on the bowl of muesli theme for those who think that cereal, nuts, and dried fruit are a key to good health.’
    • ‘Ava sat at the tiny table, sipping on café au lait and munching a scone.’
    • ‘A friend from Coulommiers suggested I dip it into my café au lait at breakfast, which I suspiciously tried, which actually moderated the flavor and made it more palatable.’
    • ‘When we got there, the shop was closed, but Annie went to a side door, flashed her angelic smile and the owner quickly agreed to make us two café au lait.’
    • ‘Foremost in this group is coffee, plain and simple, and all its derivative forms: lattes, espresso, cappuccino, pousse-café, café au lait, Irish coffee, and so many more delights.’
    • ‘The crusty, buttery rusk of bread is dipped in your morning bowl of café au lait, a rather delightful way to start the day.’
    • ‘His favorite breakfast consisted of bread, butter, jam, and café au lait (milk coffee), which he would quietly eat at that table, as he faced toward the sunrise.’
    • ‘Yes, there will be the usual hep couples holding hands amid crowds of young people laughing and jostling one another, sipping cafe au lait and espresso.’
    • ‘There are three shopping centers downtown, just steps away from the hotels, and everyone knows that New Orleans is the best place to drink cafe au lait and eat beignets, shrimp po-boys, and crawfish etouffee.’
    • ‘You'll just end up with some pathetic attempt like café au lait or iced coffee.’
    • ‘Or, if your full tummy would prefer, munch on the delightful orange-flavoured biscotti with crunchy hazelnut to accompany your espresso or café au lait.’
    • ‘Delia pictured her mother sitting in a Parisian café, over a cup of café au lait, donning a paint-stained beret.’
    • ‘The typical coffee to drink is the ‘lechero’ (it's like a cafe au lait, or a latte), but again with my lactose intolerance I had to drink black coffee.’
    • ‘They serve their cafe au lait on individual silver trays.’
    • ‘Here they even serve café au lait in big handleless bowls, which they don't do much in Paris any more.’
    • ‘The café au lait is served in a bowl, only at home, for breakfast.’
    • ‘We had breakfast in the suite, with waffles (another first, and quite delicious), fruit, croissants, eggs, and something called café au lait.’
    1. 1.1 The light brown colour of coffee with milk.
      as modifier ‘smooth cafe au lait skin’
      • ‘Only the café au lait water swirling in the Sabine River and a clump of grim-looking vultures circling high over the riverine forest's bare-branched trees gave any indication of animation.’
      • ‘Are you going to say we're all in this together - black, white, cafe au lait and cappuccino colours - because this is the way god created us?’
      • ‘The most common clinical manifestations of neurofibromatosis include cutaneous cafe au lait spots and neurofibromas of the cutaneous and subcutaneous peripheral nerves and nerve roots.’
      • ‘Its café au lait façade basked golden in the evening sun, and splendid lawns with heavy wrought iron garden furniture make viewing the Himalayas a treat there.’
      • ‘Sporty looks were attractive, too, in cafe au lait and dark brown leather shorts outfits with turned-up sleeves on the blouses, or skirt suits.’
      • ‘These days I pin up pictures of striking light-skinned sisters, starting with my fierce cafe au lait grandmother, who stares back at me from the wall, daring me to doubt her stunning beauty.’
      • ‘His inquisitive eyes didn't miss a thing as he took note of her silky, straight dark brown hair, her glassy brown eyes, her café au lait skin tone, and the hint of her dimples as she smiled at him.’
      • ‘The presence of six or more cafe au lait macules is one of the diagnostic criteria; axillary or groin freckling is another.’
      • ‘With her long, dark brown hair, cafe au lait skin, and big, dark eyes, my daughter looks more like her grandmother than like me.’
      • ‘Behind stretched a rocky plateau, the one pale cafe au lait in colour, the other of deeply rusted iron.’
      • ‘Her hair was black and her skin was a light café au lait color.’
      • ‘It didn't need two good eyes to read the strain in that elegantly sculptured cafe au lait face.’
      hazel, chocolate-coloured, coffee-coloured, cocoa-coloured, nut-brown
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café au lait

/ˌkafeɪ əʊ ˈleɪ/