Definition of Cadillac in English:



  • 1trademark A large luxury car manufactured by the US Cadillac motor company.

    • ‘I don't remember the guy campaigning in a Cadillac.’
    • ‘My Uncle drove us to Radio City Music Hall in his huge Cadillac to see Sophia Loren in "Boy on a Dolphin".’
    • ‘The race ended near a silver Cadillac parked in front of a driveway on Wright Avenue.’
    • ‘They did, however, spend $650 a month to lease a Cadillac.’
    • ‘The men in the brown car waited in a parking space near Wheeler's black Cadillac.’
  • 2Something that is an outstanding example of its kind, especially in terms of luxury, quality, or size.

    ‘the aircraft is widely regarded as the Cadillac of commuter planes’
    • ‘At D we have the Cadillac of diamonds: A colorless stone.’
    • ‘It was the Cadillac of all operations and quite successful.’
    • ‘The place has turned from a Porsche into a Cadillac.’
    • ‘This is the 'Cadillac' of saturation systems," said the team's leader.’
    • ‘Its old organ dated to 1876, "a Cadillac in its time," said the rector.’
    • ‘The seeds of Virginia peanuts are so big that they're called the Cadillac of peanuts.’
    • ‘This is the true Cadillac of the railroad!’


From the name of the French explorer Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac (1658–1730), who founded the city of Detroit, where the cars are manufactured­.