Definition of Caddoan in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a group of American Indian peoples formerly inhabiting the Midwest, or their languages, now all virtually extinct.

    • ‘If such a network existed, we would expect the pattern to more closely resemble that recorded for the Caddoan region.’
    • ‘They conducted Xray diffraction and petrographic analysis of thin sections from a vessel suspected to have originated in the Caddoan region.’
    • ‘Late Caddo period ceramic mortuary assemblages also differ considerably from region to region within the Caddoan area in the composition of jars, bottles, bowls, and carinated bowls.’
    • ‘This provenance pattern is significantly different from that found in the Caddoan mound sites and also diverges from the pattern we would expect if flint clay objects were circulated within a UMRV elite prestige-goods network.’
    • ‘No other contemporaneous mortuary vessel assemblages from other sites across the Caddoan area resemble those of the Titus phase.’
    • ‘Thus the Mississippian embraces a wide range of essentially localized groups: the Middle Mississippian, Fort Ancient, South Appalachian Mississippian, Plaquemine Mississippian, Caddoan Mississippian, and the Oneota.’
    • ‘The paste composition relationships of different Caddoan vessel forms and the conclusions of both the petrographic and neutron activation analyses indicate that the Mockingbird ceramics are the product of a local group.’
    • ‘Custis was free to observe Creek ceremonies and Caddoan customs and skills (their talents with the bow put him in mind of stories from the Iliad) and to post a twenty-six-specimen botanical collection downriver.’
    • ‘The Caddoan language family includes the Caddo, Wichita, Pawnee, and Arikara languages, which are found on the central Plains.’
    • ‘The marked difference in the distribution and context of flint clay figures between the UMRV and the Caddoan region points to very different relationships between those two areas and Cahokia.’
    • ‘The southern distribution of Cahokia-style figurines is heavily concentrated at Caddoan towns along a roughly 120-km segment of the Arkansas River valley of Oklahoma.’


  • 1A member of any of the Caddoan peoples.

    • ‘Like other Caddoans, both groups had a mixed economy with farming and buffalo hunting being important.’
    • ‘The Caddoans, on the other hand, were completely agricultural people and along with the Tonkawas resented the Kiowa intrusion.’
    • ‘An early scholar believed that they were Caddoans, ancestral to the Wichitas.’
    • ‘Even today, descendants of the interaction of Caddoans and French and Spanish settlers, known as Adaesena, still influence the area.’
    • ‘For example, the Osage, Pawnee, Arikaras, Mandans, Wichitas, and Caddoans remained in permanent farming settlements.’
    • ‘The Aays Province area Indians in East Texas, were probably Coahuiltec; hostile toward Caddoans and not very well known by Caddoan guides.’
    • ‘The Pawnees, Wichitas, and perhaps other Caddoans owned the plains-country, and their possessions reached to within a few miles of the Missouri, especially in Kansas.’
    • ‘And/or why did the Caddoans have to move every so often?’
    • ‘The mound settlement of the early Caddoans consists of two temple mounds, a burial mound and a portion of the village area.’
    • ‘This defense tactic was used by the Caddoans three times and it kept the settlers at bay long enough for the Indians to reach the deep woods and escape.’
    • ‘Painted potsherds originating with the Puebloan people indicate strong trade ties between these Plains Caddoans and their neighbors farther west.’
    • ‘The first major civilization was the Mound Builders, known in Oklahoma as the Caddoans.’
    • ‘Eventually, after repeated difficulties with French, Spanish, and finally the neighboring Texans, the Caddoans fled by force march in 1859 to Oklahoma, where their descendants still live.’
    • ‘According to tradition, in 1840 the Caddo tribe and the Choctaws met in a fierce battle about two miles SE of Caddo, where the Caddoans came often to hunt and camp.’
  • 2mass noun The family of languages spoken by the Caddoan peoples, which includes Pawnee and may be related to Siouan and Iroquoian.


From Caddo (a language of the Caddoan family) kaduhdacu, denoting a band belonging to this group, + -an.