Definition of cable stitch in English:

cable stitch


  • [mass noun] A combination of knitted stitches resembling twisted rope.

    • ‘Get ready for cable acrobatics by pinching the base of the cable stitches with your left thumb and forefinger.’
    • ‘You can also alternative the amount of cable stitches such as 3-1-3, this makes a point which could be used as the tops of hearts.’
    • ‘I wanted to start playing with the cable stitches, so I found some leftover yarn and started making swatches.’
    • ‘There are many beautiful effects that you can create simply by using combinations of cable stitches and wave or trellis stitches.’
    • ‘If the cable stitches are held in the back of the work, it creates a cable cross to the right.’
    • ‘For wider cables I might want a cable needle, although one could simply rearrange all the cable stitches on the needle before knitting them.’
    • ‘If your knitted fabric was infinitely large, any cluster of cable stitches would be balanced out in the long run by clusters of knit stitches.’
    • ‘To keep track of cable stitches in a pattern, write down the frequency of the cable rows in columns on a piece of paper.’
    • ‘Each cable strand is made up of eight cable stitches and then one tuck rib that's latched up by hand.’
    • ‘The entire cable pattern with the purl stitch border is 8 stitches, but only the actual cable stitches need to be together on the same needle.’
    • ‘A whole space baby-wave is worked the same except thread is carried one whole space between cable stitches.’
    • ‘Getting the cable stitch down is tricky at first because you have to alternate your stitches with floss up and floss down.’
    • ‘The cable stitch is usually worked in #8 thread.’
    • ‘I only put the cable stitches on the cable needle on the row that I am twisting the cable.’
    • ‘Rows of cable stitches are combined with seed stitch panels to create lots of surface texture and design interest.’
    • ‘I have an old Shetland wool cardigan jacket, knitted in a massive cable stitch, that I tend to wear on chilly evenings.’
    • ‘Essentially, it shows how to strategically drop the first half of the cable stitches and pick them up after they have been crossed with the other half of the cable stitches.’


cable stitch