Definition of cable-knit in English:



  • (of a garment) knitted using cable stitch.

    ‘a white cable-knit sweater’
    • ‘At home, pull off the cable-knit beanie and enjoy some lazy lingering over your morning brew.’
    • ‘I was busy finishing my latest cable-knit scarf!’
    • ‘Cashmere pillows and cable-knit throws bring a high-touch look to the home.’
    • ‘It's the difference between a cable-knit sweater and silk.’
    • ‘Who can resist the comfort and everyday ease of a chunky cable-knit sweater?’
    • ‘It is a self-portrait as a 13-year-old girl, whose chief feature is her hair, which covers all her other features, and whose most conspicuous garment is a cable-knit sweater.’
    • ‘She was careful not to spill any on her favorite cable-knit blue sweater and blue jeans.’
    • ‘The flashing green eyes, the set jaw and now that she could no longer see his face, the way his cream-colored cable-knit sweater stretched across his broad, rigid back as his hands rested on his hips.’
    • ‘San Francisco is probably the only place in the Northern Hemisphere right now where people are huddled around fireplaces, snuggled in cable-knit sweaters, watching summer reruns.’
    • ‘I showed her the man in the white cable-knit jumper, holding a ridiculous bunch of silver heart-shaped balloons, mid-guffaw at something in the distance.’
    • ‘Parts of my white peasant shirt had become transparent with the rainwater, two points in particular, and I felt my face flush as I pulled my brown cable-knit sweater closer around me.’
    • ‘He loves me and appreciates my finer points - especially the fact that I don't make him dress like me in a black turtleneck and coordinating cable-knit sweater for a holiday portrait.’
    • ‘But I don't have the statistics on most of the other clothing lines out there, and I would believe that many of the companies I do patronize are paying South American workers 15 cents per hour to make my cable-knit sweater.’
    • ‘Or pay homage to your nursery school teacher and attach a ghost made of construction paper and a ping-pong paddle to your woodsy cable-knit sweater.’
    • ‘She's wearing a baby-pink cable-knit sweater and beautifully cut grey cashmere trousers.’
    • ‘For the trendy man about town this season, cable-knit pullovers or cardigans in neutral shades such as greys and browns or navy blue are suggested.’
    • ‘She found she liked Theo best, appearance-wise, when he wore his ivory-coloured cable-knit sweater.’
    • ‘But now, strapped in a bulky wheelchair, dressed in a cable-knit sweater in his trademark slate blue, and shadowed by his beloved yellow Lab, Sara, he is confronted daily with his losses, both large and small.’
    chunky, bulky, heavy, heavyweight
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