Definition of cabinetmaker in English:



  • A skilled joiner who makes furniture or similar high-quality woodwork.

    • ‘It has long been thought that the early years of English cabinetmaking were dominated by foreign craftsmen and that only gradually did English joiners acquire the skills to become cabinetmakers themselves.’
    • ‘Their grandfather and his brother, both skilled cabinetmakers and joiners, had been drafted in to save the Settle Folly when it was in danger of falling down.’
    • ‘I asked them how many expected to get jobs carving, and how many actually thought they had an opportunity to get a job as a cabinetmaker, a joiner, or a chippy's labourer.’
    • ‘Less exalted were the humble whittlers, and in between were joiners and cabinetmakers, who were the only woodworkers paid for their efforts.’
    • ‘At the same time, in nearby Philadelphia, dishonest cabinetmakers were making elaborately carved scrolled top highboys and chests-on-chests from plain flat top ones.’
    • ‘Furniture and cabinetmakers often apply a very thin layer of hardwood over a less-expensive base material.’
    • ‘Take the furniture to a cabinetmaker, or have your dealer return it to the factory for repair.’
    • ‘But for a long time, a cabinetmaker, joiner, or toolmaker who wanted some threads in wood, would have depended on the screw box and tap.’
    • ‘They employed a number of trained cabinetmakers to produce well-made furniture of good design.’
    • ‘Richard was a cabinetmaker and occasional fossil collector.’
    • ‘Equally, the gradual transformation and dilution of artisan structures reduced the contribution of traditional radical elements, often recruited among tailors, weavers, printers, cabinetmakers, and so on.’
    • ‘With proper construction in the hands of a skilled cabinetmaker, what wonderful results can be obtained by the craftsman.’
    • ‘Table saws allow you to cut all kinds of lumber and plywood with great accuracy, safety and ease, I've owned three over the last 20 years, and used a half-dozen other machines while working professionally as a cabinetmaker and carpenter.’
    • ‘Master cabinetmakers fashioned a low chest of drawers called a commode, which differed from the bureau commode, or large table with drawers, that was crafted in the baroque period.’
    • ‘He opened a small workshop there, where he worked alongside two Italian cabinetmakers and wood carvers.’
    • ‘The company converted 10 cattle farms - about 12,000 acres - where they plant and harvest a wide assortment of species to sell to furniture designers, cabinetmakers, and architects.’
    • ‘In 1738 he employed two silverers, a beveler, a journeyman glass cutter, a sculptor, three cabinetmakers, a journeyman cabinetmaker, and a shop clerk.’
    • ‘Architecture and the fine and decorative arts meet within the picture frame: its design and execution have involved famous artists and architects, sculptors, carvers, and silversmiths, cabinetmakers, ebony workers, and gilders.’
    • ‘In any case, it is entirely appropriate that one of New York City's most celebrated cabinetmakers and arbiters of taste in fine furniture led the way in the use of new materials, such as cast iron, and the designs they facilitated.’
    • ‘Some looking-glass makers were originally trained as cabinetmakers, and many looking-glass factories employed cabinetmakers to veneer looking glasses and their accompanying consoles.’