Definition of cabbage root fly in English:

cabbage root fly


  • A small fly whose larvae feed on the roots and stems of cabbages and related plants and can be a serious pest.

    Delia radicum, family Anthomyiidae

    • ‘These cannot fly, and feed at, or near, soil level on slugs, leatherjackets and cabbage root fly grubs.’
    • ‘Sprinkle Bromophos around the base of each seedling if cabbage root fly has been a problem in the past.’
    • ‘The collars should work for the cabbage root fly but you will definitely need some protection from birds or you may well have very little left in your brassica bed.’
    • ‘The MTT study showed that in early summer cabbage root flies laid far more eggs in Chinese cabbage than in head cabbage, both in laboratory and field conditions.’
    • ‘The assessment of control of the cabbage root flies was carried out on the 26th July, by lifting the fifty-four plants and examining the roots by cutting them longitudinally and counting the larvae.’
    • ‘Also remember to dust the stems with an anti cabbage root fly preparation soon after planting.’
    • ‘It is hardly surprising that research on the olfactory ability of the cabbage root fly shows that they can smell cabbages.’
    • ‘They feed on adult slugs as well as slug eggs, larvae of cabbage root flies and lettuce-root aphids.’
    • ‘Having landed on a companion plant leaf, the cabbage root fly generally stays and causes no further problem.’
    • ‘Thyme is said to repel cabbage root flies.’
    • ‘And I also gave it a brassica collar to keep out any enterprising cabbage root flies which find a way through the fleece (or in case the fleece blows away, which is a distinct possibility!’
    • ‘Researchers recorded many types of aphid on the wing several weeks later than average, for example, and some commercial growers reported problems with a large autumn generation of cabbage root flies.’
    • ‘Put collars of roofing felt around the stems of your brassicas to stop cabbage root flies laying their eggs.’
    • ‘Thyme is a good companion for most plants, it is said to repel cabbage root flies when grown near brassicas.’
    • ‘Tar paper, cut into squares about six to eight inches across can be an effective barrier against cabbage root flies wishing to lay their eggs around the roots of cabbage plants.’
    • ‘Laying carpet or cardboard around the base of plants will prevent many insects from laying their eggs e.g. raspberry beetles, gooseberry sawflies and cabbage root flies.’