Definition of caballero in English:



  • 1A Spanish gentleman.

    • ‘Your like-minded caballeros were up until three.’
    • ‘He wore a sword, the symbol of his status as a gentleman, or caballero.’
    • ‘This did not sit well with the fiercely freedom-loving caballeros.’
    • ‘Stemming from the Spanish word caballero, it was meant to connote Catholicism, foreignness, and immorality.’
    • ‘The boys are dressed like dusty caballeros and the gals are decked out like the pretty señoritas on old Havana cigar boxes.’
  • 2US (in the south-western US) a horseman.

    • ‘The Caballeros are the cavalry or horsemen, who guard Jesus from those trying to capture him in this re-enactment.’
    • ‘They did not give balls, and Antonia never appeared at a ground-floor window, as some other young ladies used to do attended by elder women, to chat with the caballeros on horseback in the Calle.’
    • ‘Other dancers at the Easter celebration include: the Caballeros or horseman who carry blue flags that symbolize.’


Mid 19th century: Spanish, ‘gentleman, horseman’, based on Latin caballus ‘horse’. Compare with cavalier, chevalier.