Main definitions of c in English

: c1C2C3


  • 1Cricket
    (on scorecards) caught by:

    ‘ME Waugh c Lara b Walsh 19’
  • 2Cent(s):

    ‘they cost 25c each’
  • 3[in combination] (in units of measurement) centi-:

    ‘centistokes (cS)’
  • 4Century or centuries:

    ‘a watch case, 19th c’
  • 5(preceding a date or amount) circa; approximately:

    ‘Isabella was born c.1759’
  • 6(of water) cold:

    ‘all bedrooms have h & c’
  • 7Colt.

  • The speed of light in a vacuum:

    ‘E = mc²’

Main definitions of c in English

: c1C2C3


(also c)


  • 1The third letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1 Denoting the third in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.
    2. 1.2 Denoting the third of three or more hypothetical people or things.
    3. 1.3 The third-highest class of academic mark:
      ‘he scraped along with C's and D's in most subjects’
    4. 1.4 Denoting an intermediate socio-economic category for marketing purposes, including the majority of white-collar (C1) and skilled blue-collar personnel (C2).
    5. 1.5Chess Denoting the third file from the left of a chessboard, as viewed from White's side of the board.
    6. 1.6 The third fixed constant to appear in an algebraic expression, or a known constant.
    7. 1.7 Denoting the lowest soil horizon, comprising parent materials.
  • 2A shape like that of a letter C:

    [in combination] ‘C-springs’
  • 3Music
    The first note of the diatonic scale of C major, the major scale having no sharps or flats.

    1. 3.1 A key based on a scale with C as its keynote.
  • 4The Roman numeral for 100.

  • 5[mass noun] A computer programming language originally developed for implementing the Unix operating system.




Main definitions of c in English

: c1C2C3


  • 1Cape:

    ‘C. Hatteras’
  • 2Celsius or centigrade:

  • 3(in names of sports clubs) City:

    ‘Lincoln C’
  • 4"C."British Command Paper (second series, 1870–99).

  • 5(in Britain) Conservative:

    ‘Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (C, Perth & Kinross)’
  • 6Copyright:

    ‘© Oxford University Press’
  • 7Physics

  • 8Cuba (international vehicle registration).

  • 1Physics

  • 2The chemical element carbon.