Definition of Byzantinist in English:



  • A historian or other scholar specializing in the study of the Byzantine Empire, its history, art, and culture.

    • ‘By the end of the term following the oral examination, students will present a dissertation prospectus to a committee composed of three Byzantinists and one other faculty member.’
    • ‘Regardless of this, he continued the process of unification still further; though a strict Byzantinist, he set the stage for Dusan.’
    • ‘The annual Spring Symposium has long since become a firm fixture in the diary of every Byzantinist in the United Kingdom, and increasingly of many from outside the British Isles.’
    • ‘It now includes articles by a wide array of international Byzantinists and features papers from annual symposia, miscellaneous articles, and reports on fieldwork projects.’
    • ‘For Byzantinists, the selection of 1557 as a terminal date for this exhibition seems arbitrary.’
    • ‘Some Observations should become essential reading not only for Ottomanists but also for Byzantinists and Middle East historians generally.’
    • ‘Consequently he became in turn a classical philologist, a Byzantinist, and a neohellenist.’
    • ‘The first, certainly a possibility, is that everyone else - including generations of accomplished Byzantinists and Orientalists - got it completely wrong.’
    • ‘Indeed, there is fairly good evidence, which has been entirely overlooked by Byzantinists, that he was appointed to ecclesiastical office.’
    • ‘A very familiar body of material to most Byzantinists is the land legislation of the tenth century.’
    • ‘It reflects the spread of interest and expertise of Byzantinists and Orientalists teaching at Oxford.’
    • ‘Thus as a Byzantinist he was forced also to become a Balkanist or East Europeanist.’
    • ‘No Byzantinist anywhere should be able to claim ignorance of these vandal acts perpetrated against Serbian medieval and, indeed, Byzantine heritage.’
    • ‘Perhaps one could rephrase that sentence to read, ‘it may seem unwise for one Byzantinist pen to compete with the massed computers of Western medievalists,’ since I will necessarily have to present a much more wide-ranging and superficial survey than my Western colleagues.’
    • ‘At the Byzantine Society's Spring Symposium (the major annual conference for Byzantinists in the British Isles) in March, he will speak on the late antique wine trade of Egypt.’