Definition of Byzantinism in English:



  • See Byzantine

    • ‘In the course of this process, an ‘Old Russian oligarchy,’ to use a modern term, was created, and it very soon would assert its rights to exclusive power, thereby challenging the Byzantinism of the central authority.’
    • ‘Australian governance should never be allowed to descend into anything resembling the bureaucratic Byzantinism and indifference to the individual that are characteristic of less developed polities.’
    • ‘The Byzantinism in this concept was a violation of theological truth; the absolutism was a rupture with the medieval political tradition.’
    • ‘German radical nationalists condemned courtly Byzantinism, and demanded the elevation of all parts of the nation to consultation and participation in national matters - paradoxically through a strong leader.’
    • ‘But for this interest to make a positive contribution to the struggle there has to be a break with the negative side, the Byzantinism and the obtuseness.’