Definition of by the minute in English:

by the minute


  • Very rapidly.

    ‘matters grew worse by the minute’
    • ‘Both girls laughed over this, but Margaret's face seemed to grow paler by the minute.’
    • ‘Already, the group of men that had surrounded them was growing smaller and smaller by the minute.’
    • ‘The consistency with which Celtic confound expectation grows more remarkable by the minute.’
    • ‘The tempo of the game dropped as a result and Shelbourne grew more comfortable by the minute.’
    • ‘There were bright lights around the entrance and the queue was growing longer by the minute.’
    • ‘Better, but I still had dark circles under my eyes, and my hair was looking worse by the minute.’
    • ‘The chances of getting back will grow dimmer by the minute.’
    • ‘The feeling grew stronger by the minute yet, each time, when he looked back, the road was deserted.’
    • ‘Evening was closing in, the air grew crisper by the minute, and the wind quieted to a whisper.’
    • ‘The snooping was forgotten as she started to skip around the room and grow more excited by the minute.’