Definition of by rule in English:

by rule


  • In a regular manner according to a particular set of rules.

    ‘stress is not predictable by rule and must be learned word by word’
    • ‘This base map will develop into a heritage master plan, which will be preserved by rule.’
    • ‘Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling, instinct, not by rule.’
    • ‘The interval lasted about ten minutes longer than the quarter-hour allowed by rule, courtesy of a late return to the field by Kerry.’
    • ‘Edwards came from the back of the pack, where by rule he had been sent following a pre-race engine change, and outdueled veteran Ted Musgrave for the win.’
    • ‘Also, remember that, by rule, a wild card can't play a team from its division in the first round.’
    • ‘The Director of Transportation, by rule, may provide for issuance of a valid license without a photograph if the applicant shows good cause.’
    • ‘Athena in Colaba is among the few clubs which by rule do not allow those under 21.’
    • ‘Is the phenomenon confined to the diocesan or secular clergy or has it also touched the regulars, men who live by rule and vow?’
    • ‘Anything constructed by rule will probably have too much order in it.’
    • ‘Even better, it gives a way to help memorize them, by allowing one to work out the answer by rule if one cannot remember it by rote.’