Definition of by return (of post) in English:

by return (of post)


  • In the next available mail delivery to the sender.

    ‘we will send you a refund by return of post’
    • ‘Edwin Morgan sent his form back by return of post.’
    • ‘Almost 17,000 overs bowled when nowadays a county pace bowler having played three consecutive games expects a testimonial by return of post.’
    • ‘We therefore ask you by return of post that you will provide our client's surveyor access to the properties for the purpose of carrying out the survey.’
    • ‘They also process claims by return of post (and will now pay directly into your bank account, although I still prefer a cheque as it's easier to keep track of).’
    • ‘The only way to protect themselves - and be certain of getting the cash - is to send her money by return of post to an address in St Margrethen in Switzerland.’
    • ‘Players were asked to send their retreats and adjustments by return of post, and I would then send out a carbon-copy letter informing them of the results.’
    • ‘The Queen replied by return of post, confirming her coat was indeed apple green, as was her matching wide-brimmed hat.’
    • ‘None of the tickets had arrived by this morning, admittedly in line with the published policy of all venues, but the RFH and Barbican tend, in my experience, to send them out by return of post.’
    • ‘Please can you send a replacement by return of post.’
    • ‘On receipt of such a letter, the case will be assigned to the ‘on duty’ consultant who will reply by return of post stating the report fee.’