Definition of by name in English:

by name


  • Using the name of someone or something.

    ‘ask for the street by name’
    • ‘She sat propped up in bed, bristling with tubes, and called to each of us by name.’
    • ‘Two men drove up, called her by name and dragged her into their car, witnesses told police.’
    • ‘When she talks about him in a political context, and much later, long after the affair is over, she refers to him by name.’
    • ‘Must have been rather noisy if they all greeted each other by name.’
    • ‘We also made it clear that we would not be mentioning the artists by name and only used pseudonyms when dealing with the press.’
    • ‘Write the name down so you can thank the person by name at the conclusion of the interview.’
    • ‘Finally, Mr. Ghost, are you afraid to identify yourself by name in a letter to the editor?’
    • ‘The head of state has called for me by name, but I don't have time for him.’
    • ‘Significantly it is undated and Jekyll and Hyde is not mentioned by name.’
    • ‘They were in the schoolroom scenes, and both are referred to by name.’
    • ‘The girl who lapsed into a fit, repeatedly called on a woman by name to come and appease the ghosts she said were strangling her.’
    • ‘The White House did not mention him by name, but they says he certainly had him in mind.’
    • ‘Yet in every time, there were men and women who clearly saw this sin and called it by name.’
    • ‘He admitted he would have had to remember the man by name while dealing with up to 600 referrals a year.’
    • ‘In a crime which has baffled police, his wife opened the door to a man with an envelope who asked for her husband by name.’
    • ‘The Full Court in the present case did so by naming the applicant by identifiers and not by name.’
    • ‘She does not want to mention anyone by name, but says she had support in everything she had to deal with.’
    • ‘Familiar faces hove into view and the barman greets me by name even though I've not been here for eight months.’
    • ‘We took are places near the coach who had begun to call the rest of the team name by name.’
    • ‘As you may have noticed, I did not mention by name the venue in question for fear of legal action.’