Definition of by common consent in English:

by common consent


  • With the agreement of all.

    ‘it was, by common consent, our finest performance’
    • ‘Private property is in essence a cluster of rights inuring to the benefit of the owner, freely exchangeable in accordance with the terms of private agreements, and recognized and protected by common consent.’
    • ‘Here, by common consent, the epidemic is out of control.’
    • ‘For example, just see what happens to coherence when you examine the one area of policy in which the Conservative party, by common consent, commands the field: the countryside.’
    • ‘But the same trees that, by common consent, ruined thousands of acres of Scottish landscape are being cut down and left to rot - paid for once again with public funds.’
    • ‘It is, by common consent, one of the most backward States in the country: backward economically, but also socially and culturally.’