Definition of by appointment to the Queen in English:

by appointment to the Queen


  • (in the UK) used by manufacturers to indicate that their products are sold to the queen and are therefore of guaranteed quality.

    • ‘Mongeham Post Office, on the way to Deal, sells all you may require including the local Ice cream by appointment to the Queen Mother.’
    • ‘Her jewellery is by appointment to the Queen and Crown Princess and our own royal family.’
    • ‘There is a sweater shop just up the road (by appointment to the Queen).’
    • ‘It is by appointment to the Queen and does a huge mail-order range, from calves' liver to French Loue chicken.’
    • ‘Moreover, having been in business since 1707, it provides items by appointment to the Queen and Prince of Wales.’
    • ‘Crocks of blue-veined Stilton cheese from the interior dairy areas were stamped that they were by appointment to the Queen herself.’
    • ‘The village has a church surrounded by a green, flower beds and trees, and shops which proudly display above their doors painted Royal Arms saying 'by appointment' to the Queen or Prince Charles, whose Highland summer retreat, Balmoral, is a few miles upstream.’
    • ‘The bathroom is beige and brown marble, with yellow apricot and almond toiletries, toilet soap makers by appointment to the Queen, the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales.’
    • ‘My father was Australia's senior master sail-maker, by appointment to the Queen.’
    • ‘And, after you’ve spent hours shopping, what better way to end the day than with a glass of champagne, by appointment to the queen, of course.’