Definition of by (or from) all accounts in English:

by (or from) all accounts


  • According to what one has heard or read.

    ‘by all accounts he is a pretty nice guy’
    • ‘And from all accounts, many of the residents there have chosen to leave that area.’
    • ‘It won Gold at this year's award advertising ceremony and, by all accounts, is earning gold at the tills.’
    • ‘And from all accounts, there have been several such fatalities.’
    • ‘But, from all accounts, most thong wearers do claim a sense of self-assurance and freedom.’
    • ‘Jones, by all accounts, is improved this season in build and mind.’
    • ‘Yet, from all accounts, she came pretty close to erecting a large shopping complex which would have become a rather incongruous backdrop to the Taj Mahal.’
    • ‘A great business plan from all accounts but no real backing.’
    • ‘Happy to report the Hungary Festival in Japan, by all accounts, was an overwhelming success.’
    • ‘Your marriage, from all accounts, isn't a happy one.’
    • ‘However, from all accounts, our Juvenile athletes appear to be in splendid form.’
    • ‘I think it's certainly good news that the action that happened overseas has happened quickly and from all accounts there's no evidence of any athletes actually using this new substance.’
    • ‘The publisher was also, by all accounts, a damn good copy editor.’
    • ‘She went ahead with it, and from all accounts, it was an extremely emotional, moving experience.’
    • ‘This, from all accounts, may be an annual event and everyone who attended had a ball.’
    • ‘He was, by all accounts, a crude chap who, when he cursed, did so to effect.’
    • ‘Sam was, by all accounts, a practical hands-on man whose grip had the grit of hard work.’
    • ‘And by all accounts, Des is having an inspirational effect on the young members of the cast.’
    • ‘No matter that from all accounts, including this Sunday morning's, his cricketing abilities ranked somewhere near mine.’
    • ‘He was a very good musician and, from all accounts, a very kind human being, and he will be widely missed.’
    • ‘Similarly, whatever is said on radio is taken as gospel by undiscerning listeners who, from all accounts, comprise the clear majority.’
    reputedly, supposedly, according to popular belief, so the story goes, so i'm told, so people say, by repute, allegedly, putatively, apparently, seemingly, ostensibly
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