Definition of by-the-wind sailor in English:

by-the-wind sailor


  • A surface-dwelling colonial marine coelenterate of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. It has a disc-like float bearing a sail that is used to catch the wind.

    Velella velella, suborder Chondrophora, order Hydroida

    • ‘However, if the beach is covered with by-the-wind sailors, this could be a signal to look for glass floats.’
    • ‘The by-the-wind sailor is a colonial hydroid that has adapted to life on the ocean wave.’
    • ‘Does the unusually early and large influx of by-the-wind sailors indicate anything?’
    • ‘The by-the-wind sailor is actually a whole colony of tiny jellyfish-like creatures called polyps.’
    • ‘While by-the-wind sailors resemble jellyfish in structure, Craig said they are not classified as a true jellyfish.’