Definition of buzz cut in English:

buzz cut


  • A very short haircut in which the hair is clipped close to the head with a razor.

    • ‘He was taller than Zack and had his black hair in a buzz cut.’
    • ‘My father was a tall, well built man with a blonde buzz cut.’
    • ‘It was as short as a buzz cut but had a single tress of hair left uncut.’
    • ‘He had black hair with a short buzz cut along with the apparently popular cargoes and polo.’
    • ‘Don't give your pets a summer buzz cut - most veterinarians agree that a longer coat actually helps to insulate and keeps pets cooler.’
    • ‘Like everyone else, me included, he went for the buzz cut over summer.’
    • ‘He had a perfectly shaped head, and had a short buzz cut, but was very muscular and seemed to beat his guitar when he played.’
    • ‘The buzz cut felt interesting, I had to give it that.’
    • ‘‘I've had to grow up in the Army,’ he says, running his hand through his military buzz cut.’
    • ‘The other, a spry, wispy little thing with a buzz cut, said ‘Hello,’ at least.’
    • ‘He was covered with tattoos and sported a buzz cut and a prison goatee.’
    • ‘The second man was also tall but a little more muscular with very short dark red hair - a buzz cut.’
    • ‘He had sandy blonde hair cut a little longer than a typical buzz cut, with warm brown eyes, and a tan complexion.’
    • ‘She glanced up at the top of his head and noted with a smile that his curly hair was gone, replaced with a short buzz cut.’
    • ‘If you're ready to try a new look, you can go the tough guy route and give yourself a buzz cut; it's the Hollywood way, after all.’
    • ‘He created the buzz cut with regular-size clippers, leaving the top longer and tapering the sides.’
    • ‘This was the stupidest question yet, because this man had the shortest buzz cut that you can have, without being bald.’
    • ‘The exhaustion shows, though his military bearing and appearance (he still has the buzz cut of a man in uniform) belie the toll the case has taken on him.’
    • ‘One has more neck than the other, he has a buzz cut, typical of the Army, I reckon.’
    • ‘He had a buzz cut, was clean shaven, and had dark brown eyes.’


buzz cut