Definition of buzz bomb in English:

buzz bomb


  • A small pilotless aircraft with an explosive warhead, especially a V-1.

    • ‘Londoners under attack would come to know it as the doodlebug or buzz bomb, so called for the mechanical hum it made before dropping on its target.’
    • ‘Posted to France, he was hit by a buzz bomb and his mates, thinking him dead, took him to the mortuary.’
    • ‘German VI rockets or ‘buzz bombs’ were an increasing threat and killed scores of Wrens who slept in cellars for protection.’
    • ‘The small London row house where Edith, Muriel's father's sister lived had been hit by a buzz bomb and the second floor was unlivable.’
    • ‘The device was the notorious doodlebug, or buzz bomb.’


buzz bomb

/ˈbʌz bɒm/