Definition of buyout in English:



  • The purchase of a controlling share in a company.

    • ‘These loans generally are made by banks to companies to finance buyouts or acquisitions.’
    • ‘Within the first few years of its passage, the bill unleashed a torrent of mergers, buyouts, partnerships and joint ventures that effectively helped form what we now know as Big Media.’
    • ‘My proposal for dollarization, combined with my endorsement of foreign buyouts of banks, led to the Yankee-imperialism charge.’
    • ‘Wall Street has a retro '80s look these days with buyouts and takeovers back in vogue.’
    • ‘He defended management-employee buyouts, which became controversial after being used to drain privatised companies.’
    • ‘Her business empire suffered from employee dissatisfaction and manager buyouts, and indeed her entire business was almost totally lost to her on at least three occasions.’
    • ‘Private buyouts are being done with far less leverage than in the last decade.’
    • ‘Analysts figure there will be more such small, strategic buyouts this year as companies flesh out their portfolios.’
    • ‘Privatization broke up the state winery system first through ill-fated management/worker buyouts and then through state auctions of the assets.’
    • ‘The main goal in life of these firms is to back management teams that want to do buyouts.’
    • ‘In contrast, successions involving leveraged employee buyouts, supported by key managers, succeed in about 80% of cases.’
    • ‘In Britain, the bulk of venture capital has traditionally gone into the comparatively safe area of backing management and institutional buyouts.’
    • ‘The share buyouts are subject to lock-up and earn-out clauses that mean shares cannot be cashed in for a fixed period.’
    • ‘The aim is to increase the share of cash privatization, curtail the privileges of management-employee buyouts and sell-offs for compensatory vouchers.’
    • ‘Industry analysts said buyouts should restart as market conditions improved.’
    • ‘She is not certain she wants to float the company, but hints at a possible buyout or merger in the future.’
    • ‘Talks concerning the take-over buyout were reported as early in the year as February.’
    • ‘For the 80 per cent of shareholders not putting their cash at risk, the buyout is great news.’
    • ‘Many analysts predict consolidation through buyouts and mergers.’
    • ‘Such predictable cash flow is ideal for making regular payments on loans, which private equity firms typically use to finance part of their buyouts.’
    gaining of control, change of ownership, purchase, acquisition, buying
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