Definition of buyable in English:



  • 1Able to be bought; on sale.

    ‘these banned sweets are still buyable in markets’
    • ‘eBay is the only place where the product is easily buyable.’
    • ‘Consumers have more merchandise choices and information than ever, much of it literally at their smartphone-gripping fingertips, searchable and buyable in a moment.’
    • ‘Lowering the price to the market clearing price will be required for the dwelling to be buyable or rentable, and won't necessarily change the premium.’
    • ‘Many of the other things an agency provides - media planning, research, account services - are buyable.’
    • ‘Clothing worn by characters will be buyable through the TV interface.’
    • ‘I wish this was buyable in my country.’
    • ‘The buyable figurines come in three sizes - extra large, large and medium.’
    • ‘The phones I chose were all buyable unlocked and without overlays to the intended system.’
    • ‘Does the fact that the "product" being advertised isn't necessarily a tangible, buyable sort of product change how we can measure the advertisement?’
  • 2Susceptible to bribery.

    ‘you're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable’
    • ‘By doing so they will send a message saying British Law is not as bendable/buyable/corruptible as they seem to think it is.’
    • ‘Or do we simply have the most buyable politicians?’
    • ‘Bureaucrats and lackeys of government ministries are just as likely to be buyable.’
    • ‘With computer systems being insecure, governments lax, people untrustworthy and buyable, putting this kind of very personal, very important, very vulnerable information into the hands of people only because it's a nice revenue stream is offensively stupid.’