Definition of buy-back in English:



mass noun
  • 1The buying back of goods by the original seller.

    • ‘They are looking for support - through printed educational materials, public relations, events, buy-backs, discounts and any brainstorm that will drum up sales and attract new customers.’
    • ‘Overall, the sale was hampered by a sharp increase in buy-backs that led to decreases in gross revenue and average price.’
    • ‘Instead, they want to continue to chase new subscribers and growth, and if there is anything left for afters, to spend it on buy-backs rather than special payouts.’
    • ‘This unusually high debt ratio, partly engendered by large equity buy-backs over the last few years, must pose a serious danger for a number of corporations as profits fall even further.’
    • ‘The broader market was also buoyed by the release of Japan's jobs data on Friday, which sparked active buy-backs of domestic demand-linked shares, dealers said.’
    • ‘He told me that he and his son had fallen on the rifle some years back, breaking it and he had glued it back together for the buy-back.’
    • ‘While the buyout has slowly reduced the number of shrimping licenses, some are looking to accelerate the buy-back process and revamp the unwieldy two-license system.’
    • ‘I disagree with the analysts who are saying that producer buy-backs will slow down or even disappear.’
    • ‘These are precisely the rules applied by the Act to buy-backs by public companies, and the creditors’ consent to such action on the part of the company is not required.’
    • ‘Specifically, what has this fiasco cost Australian taxpayers so far, including costs associated with the buy-back of the sheep and the measures already undertaken to assess the quarantine risk associated with their return?’
    • ‘Murphy, who sat alongside Graham during the sale, said shortly after the colt was led out of the sales ring that ‘it was a buy-back.’’
    • ‘Imagine my surprise when I showed up at a buy-back in Flint, Mich., Blue Book of Gun Values in hand, intending to offer the same free service, only to be told by a police sergeant that I couldn't do that on city property.’
    • ‘A few years ago, I went to a gun buy-back in Milwaukee, Wis. with the intention of giving free estimates on guns that might be worth more than the $50 that was being offered.’
    • ‘One cannot call it contract farming, but effectively, the corporate house has assured the farmers a buy-back of their agricultural produce, provided they maintain the required quality.’
    • ‘Legislators plan to propose a state buy-back of unused licenses in the coming term, and those too will then vanish.’
    • ‘The language is tentative at this point and the political opposition is strong, but the idea has support in the international community, and it is expected that buy-backs will be the major instrument used to control fleet size.’
    • ‘Interior ministry weapons buy-backs keep the price of arms high.’
    1. 1.1 A form of borrowing in which shares or bonds are sold with an agreement to repurchase them at a later date.
      ‘a share buy-back’
      • ‘That casts a slight shadow over the group's defensive qualities, but the interest bill is covered a comfortable 8 times and the group is happily returning capital to shareholders through share buy-backs.’
      • ‘He added that if no suitable acquisitions can be found, then funds would be returned to shareholders, probably through share buy-backs.’
      • ‘Having a similar effect as write-downs, share buy-backs also normally depress shareholders' equity proportionately far more than they depress earnings.’
      • ‘True, there will be a £500m share buy-back in the meantime, but that will be spread too thinly to make much impact.’
      • ‘On the back of this it has announced a $250m share buy-back programme, prompting a 10 per cent jump yesterday in its share price.’
      • ‘The company has also initiated a share buy-back scheme from staff who were gifted shares in 1998 and from staff who participated since then in the group's employee share ownership scheme.’
      • ‘While much of this borrowing is being used to finance investment in hi-tech equipment a considerable portion is being used to finance share buy-backs by major companies - a procedure aimed at maintaining stock prices.’
      • ‘Because of recent share buy-backs, earnings per share are likely to show a near 10% increase.’
      • ‘Some of the larger firms supported their share prices with large share buy-backs.’
      • ‘The Stock Exchange of Thailand has approved listed companies for share buy-back, which started taking effect from last month onwards.’
      • ‘This excess cash is likely to be used to enhance shareholder returns in the form of share buy-backs or increased dividends.’
      • ‘‘Old economy’ companies have attempted to take advantage of their current low ratings by launching share buy-backs.’
      • ‘Another option is to extract capital through an approved share buy-back, or complete liquidation of the company.’
      • ‘Share buy-backs mean that with less stock outstanding, earnings per share increase, even though the underlying profitability of the company has not.’
      • ‘Dividend pay-outs and share buy-backs are by no means antithetical to business investment.’
      • ‘Shareholders hoping for a break-up of the business may be disappointed, but details of dividend policy and share buy-backs are likely.’
      • ‘The bill will require disclosure of information about buy-backs, and it will also require the provision of independent legal advice to consumers entering into buy-backs and certification by solicitors that that advice has been given.’
      • ‘A higher dividend and share buy-back will be among the options, as the Solihull-based company looks to keep shareholders sweet.’
      • ‘We believe this focus is central to our success, and in line with this belief we have returned £435 million of surplus cash to shareholders through share buy-backs over the last three years.’
      • ‘The first is the extent to which many large companies have been indulging in share buy-backs to maintain confidence in their equity ratings, while taking on more fixed interest debt.’
      retrieve, regain, recover, get back, reclaim, repossess, have something returned, rescue
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