Definition of buttonhole stitch in English:

buttonhole stitch


mass noun
  • A looped stitch used for edging buttonholes or pieces of material.

    ‘a row of buttonhole stitch’
    • ‘Here I made two rows of buttonhole stitch, and wrapped the green perle tread through it.’
    • ‘I could make thread shanks with buttonhole stitch as well as complete a neat French seam.’
    • ‘Lately, I've been using an open buttonhole stitch on doll clothes - along the hems of the skirt and edges of the sleeves.’
    • ‘Work the buttonhole stitch by inserting the needle through the slash from the right side and bringing it out just outside the stitching line.’
    • ‘Here rows of detached buttonhole stitch are worked over a single straight stitch, or added to the outer edge of other stitches.’
    • ‘The stitch is then worked like a normal buttonhole stitch on the thread and not piercing the fabric at any point except at the end of the stretch.’
    • ‘This page illustrates and describes Buttonhole stitch otherwise known as blanket stitch.’
    • ‘Again, the buttonhole stitch is a better stitch for buttonholes.’
    • ‘Here, the buttonhole stitch is being worked around in a circular shape.’
    • ‘The two main stitches used in creating needlelace are the buttonhole stitch and the overcast stitch.’
    • ‘Work the buttonhole stitch from the raw edge toward the inner portion of the fabric.’
    • ‘This is basically the buttonhole stitch worked in a circle, sharing a common hole.’
    • ‘Work around the edge of the leaf in long and short buttonhole stitch as in Diagram 2.’
    • ‘You will have to run it just ahead of the buttonhole stitch as you go to keep it in place.’
    • ‘The buttonhole stitch is the one that my wife's grandmother used, as taught to her by her mother.’