Definition of button mushroom in English:

button mushroom


  • A young unopened mushroom.

    • ‘They're no worse than those button mushrooms, and oysters are high in zinc.’
    • ‘If using oyster or button mushrooms, add them during the last 6 to 8 minutes.’
    • ‘I had button mushrooms, shitake, chanterelle, brown mushrooms and probably others that I don't even know.’
    • ‘Despite verging on the vegetarian these days, I could not resist the lure of good old-fashioned red meat and chose an 8oz fillet steak served with French-fried onions, button mushrooms and tomato.’
    • ‘This risotto can be made with any funghi - even little white button mushrooms are good cooked in this way.’
    • ‘Shiitakes have a more intense flavor than the standard button mushrooms, which makes them go a little farther.’
    • ‘A side of sautéed button mushroom slices had lots of salt and zero personality.’
    • ‘Not that there's anything wrong with the basic button mushroom.’
    • ‘The rice, which was full of button mushrooms and also appeared to have been cooked in a mushroom stock, was richer than the egg pilau but of the same quality.’
    • ‘I opted for pasta carbonara - ham, miniature button mushrooms and chopped parsley.’
    • ‘In Bombay, even something as innocuous as button mushrooms were impossibly exotic at that time.’
    • ‘We began with a peppery cream of mushroom soup - very creamy and very full of succulent button mushrooms.’
    • ‘The most commonly grown mushrooms are the button mushrooms and the first crop may be ready in about nine weeks if temperatures are within the required limits.’
    • ‘Steaks tended to be accompanied by three button mushrooms.’
    • ‘Packed full of button mushrooms and cooked in a mushroom stock, it was a generous size, soft and not over-cooked.’
    • ‘The cap is yellow or amber and shaped like that of a cultivated button mushroom.’
    • ‘I've used a mixture of dried and fresh wild mushrooms, but you can use any sort, even button mushrooms, which don't really have much flavour, only texture.’
    • ‘The delicately fried garlic mushrooms - button mushrooms done in garlic, olive oil and fresh parsley with a hint of salt - remind us of the power of a simple, well-executed dish.’
    • ‘Anastagio picked up a button mushroom and threw it at his son, hitting him on the nose, smiling even as he did it despite the fact that the gesture was a warning.’
    • ‘Japanese food has its share with Shitake Mikozume, made with button mushrooms stuffed with spinach and tofu, and deep fried.’


button mushroom