Definition of button lift in English:

button lift


  • another term for poma
    • ‘‘You'll be hooked again in no time. I'll have you skiing in less than an hour,’ Lawrence promised as we made our way up the slope using the mechanical button lift.’
    • ‘The 600m and 500m ski runs are serviced by a button lift, which can take up 20 people at a time.’
    • ‘The button lift I could not get on and I fell trying to get off the t-bar lift.’
    • ‘During the past 30 years the main slope has developed to a length of over 130 metres and in addition there is a large training slope with two button lifts.’
    • ‘I learned to ski in the Dolomites more than 20 years ago, and memories of those buttery sunsets have stayed with me as much as the first awkward turns and ungainly falls off button lifts.’


button lift